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Why Choose a Care Facility?

5 Most Common Reasons for Rehabilitation


When you think about a nursing home, it’s common to assume these facilities are solely for elderly residents who need constant care. In fact, nursing homes and care facilities can be a huge help to those suffering from injuries or in need of short-term recovery. Here are some of the most common reasons people may choose to use a care facility for their rehabilitation.

  1. Post-cardiac Therapy

Some heart attack or heart surgery patients may choose to spend their recovery time in a nursing home or care facility rather than a hospital. Hospital stays and home health care can be more costly than a nursing home.


  1. Stroke Recovery

All strokes are different and require different care and treatment. Choosing a care facility that specializes in stroke recovery and individualized therapies may be the best choice for stroke sufferers.


  1. Strength Building

After experiencing a hip replacement, knee replacement, or severe bone breaks it can be difficult getting back on your feel. Care facilities that specialize in strength building therapy can be a huge help on the road to recovery. Those who recover at home may struggle with know how much/what kind of activity is best for them.


  1. Respiratory Therapy

Improving shortness of breath and respiratory status while teaching breathing techniques can be extremely helpful to those recovering from lung surgeries, lung cancer, or respiratory illnesses. Certain care facilities specialize in these kinds of therapies.


  1. Out-patient Therapy

Choosing a nursing home or care facility for your rehabilitation doesn’t always mean deciding to become a short-term resident. Some facilities offer out-patient therapies to those with less detrimental injuries or shorter recovery times.


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