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Delaware Court Healthcare Center is pleased to recognize Centra Meyer RN, DON, WCC for successfully completing certification requirements from the Wound Care Education Institute. Ms. Meyer will be able to provide residents with comprehensive treatment plans and interventions for all types of wound management.

It is estimated that 1.5% of the population suffers from problem wounds, otherwise known as chronic wounds. Acute wounds arise from a disruption in the integrity of the skin and underlying tissues that progress through the healing process in a timely manner. Recalcitrant wounds are wounds that fail to respond to interventions after a 4-week period of multiple interventions. Delaware Court will use a holistic comprehensive approach that considers all factors that are affecting healing of the wound, performed by the physician and certified wound practitioner. Certified wound practitioners are a niche within the nursing field seeking what is best for the safety and welfare of the individual resident. Wound management is best achieved with the collaboration of a multidisciplinary wound team. A multidisciplinary team is composed of members from different healthcare professions. Members coordinate and communicate with each other to provide quality resident care. Coordination and teamwork among clinicians results in greater efficiency and improved clinical outcomes.

Congratulations Centra, we are very proud of you and proud to have you as part of our team here at Delaware Court!

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